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Seiko LM 5606-7000 Lord Matic Black Sunburst Dial

Seiko LM 5606-7000 Lord Matic Black Sunburst Dial

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The Seiko Lord Matic holds a significant place in horological history as the successor to the Seikomatic line, continuing the legacy of the first high-beat 36,000 bph Lord Marvel.

The 5606 movement, initially introduced around 1968, served as the foundation for the early 1970s King Seiko and Grand Seiko models. This automatic + manual winding movement beats at 21,600 bph and features a day-date quickset, offering the day in both kanji and English—a hallmark of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) watches.

The Lord Matic 5606-7000 proudly showcases the Seiko Grammar of Design with its distinctive gem-style case, reminiscent of today's Grand Seiko SGBC253. This vintage timepiece embodies the essence of the iconic vintage King and Grand Seiko models, all at a more accessible price point.

Boasting a well-maintained polished case, the reliable 5606 movement of this Lord Matic 5606-7000 from 1969 has been tested to run with normal accuracy and power reserve. Its elegant black sunburst dial adds to its allure.

This particular Seiko Lord Matic model is often sought after by enthusiasts, offering a unique opportunity to experience the timeless design principles of Seiko's prestigious watchmaking heritage.

Brand type : Seiko LM Lord Matic 23J
Dial : Silver Sunburst Dial
Circa : 1969
Movement : 5606
Strap : Aftermarket
Back case : Original
Crown : Original
Diameter : 36 x 41 mm lug to lug
Lug width : 19mm
Condition : used, 95% good condition, serviced, clean dial and case, normal movement and accuracy, few signs of wear, refer to pictures shown.
Features : quick set day date, day in kanji and english
WR : Not tested
Includings : Watch only with replacement box.

The item price does not include import duties and taxes.
The watch is tested and recorded before shipment to ensure it is working normally.
The watch is insured for every shipment.
The watch will be shipped in a pillow hard case watch container and craft paper box, covered with multiple bubble warp layers to ensure safety.
IG : goh.vintagewatch

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