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Seiko Dolce 8N41-5070 Tank Tungsten Carbide Gold Brushed Dial

Seiko Dolce 8N41-5070 Tank Tungsten Carbide Gold Brushed Dial

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Before ceramic and sapphire are used as scratch resistance material in watches, Seiko experimented with tungsten carbide in the 1980s in their high-end Dolce range and a limited Grand Seiko SBGT009 in 1988.

The tungsten carbide has a hardness of 2600Hv which is harder than sapphire and only second to diamond.

The difficulties of engineering and machining requirements are why no tungsten carbide watch is produced today, making the Seiko Dolce tungsten carbide series a rare watch and worth for collecting.

This rectangular Dolce has 8N41 movement with a hacking system that gains +/- 1 sec a day or +/- 20 secs a year. It is an accurate quartz movement of the time and still is.

With the beautiful gold brushed, painted like dial in good condition, it is a charming dress watch at the size of 29 x 30mm, and thanks to the tungsten carbide case, it looks like it was only worn a couple of times and then left sitting in the drawer for years.

With proper care, you will be assured a crisp case that will stay almost scratch and wear-free for the foreseeable future.

Brand type : Seiko Dolce
Dial : Gold brush dial
Circa : 1995
Movement : 8N41 Quartz
Strap : AM
Back case : Original
Crown : Original
Diameter : 29 x 30mm lug to lug
Lug width : 19mm
Condition : used, 96% in good condition, clear glass and dial, refer to pictures shown.
Features : tungsten carbide case, hacking system
WR : Not tested
Includings : Watch only with replacement box

Note :
The item price does not include import duties and taxes.
The watch is tested and recorded before shipment to ensure it is working normally.
The watch is insured for every shipment.
To ensure safety, the watch will be shipped in a pillow hard case watch container and craft paper box, covered with multiple bubble warp layers.
IG: goh.vintagewatch

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