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Seiko Dolce 1220-5110 Tank Chinoise Tungsten Carbide Gold Champagne Dial

Seiko Dolce 1220-5110 Tank Chinoise Tungsten Carbide Gold Champagne Dial

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The Seiko Dolce 1220-5110 presents an exceptional combination of high-grade scratch-resistant materials and an aesthetically pleasing dial. Its tank-shaped case is crafted from tungsten carbide, boasting a hardness of 2600Hv, surpassing that of sapphire and second only to diamond. The case design resembles the iconic Cartier Chinoise Tank.

The dial features a captivating gold champagne color with a frame design. Under certain lighting conditions, the inner gold dial reveals a darker gold hue, creating a two-tone effect.

The Seiko Dolce 1220-5110, with dimensions of 23 x 35, houses the reliable 1220 quartz movement produced in the 1980s, still maintaining excellent functionality. The watch is complemented by a clear sapphire crystal and an onyx stone attached to the crown.

With the difficulties of engineering and machining requirements are why there is no tungsten carbide watch produced today, making the Seiko Dolce tungsten carbide series a rare watch and worth for collections.

Brand type : Seiko Dolce Tank
Dial : Gold Champagne
Circa : 1985
Movement : 1220 Quartz
Strap : AM
Back case : Original
Crown : Original
Diameter : 23 x 35mm
Lug width : 18mm
Condition : used, 96% in good condition, clear glass and dial, refer to pictures shown.
Features : beaufiul design, tungsten carbide case, sapphire crystal, onyx stone crown

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The watch will be shipped in a pillow hard case watch container and craft paper box, covered with multiple bubble warp layers to ensure safety.
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