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Citizen 4H Alarm Date ALD15701 CGP Silver Sunburst Dial

Citizen 4H Alarm Date ALD15701 CGP Silver Sunburst Dial

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The Citizen 4H indicates a timepiece featuring four hands, with additional hands dedicated to controlling the alarm functions. Powered by the 15701 movement, this watch is a manual-winding, alarm-equipped, and date-displaying timepiece that was released as the first watch with alarm in Japan

To set the alarm, wind the 2 o'clock alarm, and adjust the alarm time by pulling and turning the crown counterclockwise.

The crown located at 4 o'clock serves the dual purpose of winding the watch and setting the time.

Despite displaying few signs of wear on the dial and the gold C.G.P case, the watch remains in its entirely original condition. The alarm still buzzes loudly, lasting for 12 seconds when fully wound. The raised crystal with a cyclops date ensures clear visibility, and the timekeeping accuracy is reliable. With a full winding, the watch can run for over 36 hours.

The Citizen 4H stands out as a collectible vintage alarm watch, and finding one in good condition is a rarity for enthusiasts.

Brand type : Citizen 4H Alarm Date
Dial : Silver sunburst dial
Circa : 1960s
Movement : 15701 manual winding
Strap : AM
Back case : Original
Crown : Original
Diameter : 38 x 42 mm lug to lug
Lug width : 18mm
Condition : used, 93% in good condition, few signs of wear on dial and case, good accuracy and PR, clear crystal, refer to pictures shown.
Features : 18.000bph manual winding, loud alarm, collector item
WR : Not tested
Includings : Watch with papers and box

The item price does not include import duties and taxes.
The watch is tested and recorded before shipment to ensure it is working normally.
The watch is insured for every shipment.
To ensure safety, the watch will be shipped in a pillow hard case watch container and craft paper box, covered with multiple bubble warp layers.
IG: @goh.vintagewatch

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